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Pocket Awareness, established in 2015, publishes wisdom for living that’s easy to access, understand, and use. Wisdom for all.

Founder and author Edward Phelps summarizes this focus saying…

“As part of my own journey of self-discovery I read dozens of spiritual and self-help books, papers, and other writings. Overall, I needed my two college degrees and a dictionary beside me to achieve basic understanding and comprehension. It occurred to me that the essential wisdom in these texts would be more accessible to a lot more people if they were presented in short format, and without any big words.”

Pocket Awareness books and media are produced according to a set of guidelines Edward created to ensure content is:

  • Short – Books generally must not exceed 30 pages in length, and also be published in audio and video formats, to ensure accessibility to readers with limited time and in formats they prefer.
  • Easy To Understand – Content is written at a sixth grade reading level to ensure maximum comprehension.
  • Useful – Content includes and/or is accompanied by “Practice” tools. Practice tools feature exercises that help users build upon new concepts and understandings they formulate to develop new habits that help transition towards their new goals.

These guidelines help make certain that users of Pocket Awareness content and tools can gain new wisdom and choose a path for making the changes they want in their lives.

We look forward to helping create a growing community of people living their best lives. Enjoy!

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Our mission is to provide wisdom for living that everyone can access, understand, and use to live their best lives.

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