Every day you have the choice to affirm yourself. Choose to use this opportunity every day to affirm who you will be.

  • Choose to see things, situations, and people as they are, instead of how you imagine or want them to be.
  • Choose what you will stand “for.”
  • Be grateful for all you encounter and experience.
  • Treat others only as you want to be treated.
  • Observe and take action on your positive thoughts and thinking.
  • Observe and do not take action on your negative thoughts and thinking.
  • Speak and act with integrity.
  • Do not make assumptions.
  • Do not take anything anyone else does personally.
  • Do your best (whatever your best is) each day.

You will find these actions are easy to understand and speak, but a challenge to do. You can do them with practice. And the more you practice the easier they will become. Affirm yourself every day as practice.

Who you were and what you did yesterday is gone. Who you are today, and what you do, defines you. Who you will be and what you will do tomorrow has not happened yet. Tomorrow is in the future, and who you are and what you do today will shape that future. You will rest at peace each day when you affirm your intentions for yourself and do your best.

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