The questions are… Are you ready to die? Are you willing to let go?


If there is anything you want to change in your life you must first die. You must let go of the old to make room for the new.

Are you willing to let go of your old ways and discover and develop new ones? Are you willing to dream, and take action to realize your dreams? Ask yourself, do you hold onto your ideas about things with your thoughts, your thinking, your beliefs? Humans have the ability to hold onto our thoughts, our ideas. This ability to hold onto thoughts and thinking is an awesome creative power. As a part of the grand design, this power helps us to focus our intention and attention on what we want. We use this focus to get things done and achieve our goals. On the other hand, we also use this power to hold onto old thinking, and old ideas and beliefs. Holding onto old thinking prevents us from examining and changing our thoughts, even when the thoughts we have do not serve us. When used this way, this power to hold onto old thinking blocks us from letting go and from thinking new thoughts that are more effective in helping us deal with the change and conditions we face in the present.

We all have the divine grace of eternal life, which means we are able to make new choices in any moment and transform our reality. What new choices will you make in 2017? Happy New Year!

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