Each day, each moment, we can choose our path forward. We can choose for ourselves what choices to make and what actions to take. And every choice we make sets us in motion along our life’s path.

When you choose your path in life you limit your options, your possibilities, to what you can imagine or what your mind can conceive. Consider this deeply and it becomes clear that you could choose to leave the planning of your life’s course to a higher power – the same power that wakes you each morning, keeps that earth spinning, and sees to it that the sun rises and sets each day. It is clear that trusting in this higher power to guide your life means that the infinite possibilities of the entire universe are available to that power, and not to you.

The real trick is to trust this power. While many claim to trust this higher power, the truth is that most do not trust it. We are taught to trust the judgements of others who we define as “experts” first. We are taught to value the opinions of others greatly. This is un-empowering. It is a process that requires long consistent practice to learn to “let go” and trust in a higher power. Consider it.

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