Our awesome divine power of choice comes with a terrific bonus — the freedom to make a different choice anytime we want. This is eternal forgiveness.

We think of “forgiveness” as an act, something we do. But this is another example of how we shrink divine things down to suit our own personal needs. The power of forgiveness is the power in each new moment to make a different choice, and to do something differently. Forgiveness is a powerful divine force woven into the fabric of our existence. In any moment we are free to make a different choice.

We do not use the awesome power of eternal forgiveness. Out of ignorance and fear, we mostly choose to keep thinking and doing things the way we’ve done them before. Our mind tricks us into taking everything personally. So, we cannot think of things as being universal and meant for others and not just us.

It is helpful to take time to examine what thoughts we hold onto, and what beliefs we refuse to examine and question. If we open our minds and examine deeply the thoughts and beliefs hold most dear, we can set ourselves free by seeking new and different thoughts and ideas that serve us and the world around us better.

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