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Carolyn Hartfield Review

“Your book is an easy read and simplified for the reader to follow, understand and implement your guidelines on how to make good choices for themselves, and to experience true inner freedom.  The power is in each of us to make the best choices for ourselves.”

Carolyn Hartfield

Healthy Lifestyle Coach & Adventure Leader, LifeStyle Management, LLC

Rev. Sandy Rogers Review

“I like the simplicity and ease of the writing. I enjoyed the concepts delivered and the definitions and ideas presented. The thoughts are concise and provoking. I was engaged the entire time I read. This is an excellent short-read for busy people on the go to serve as a daily motivational piece!! Thanks for this work.”


Rev. Sandy Rogers

Wellness Coach & Advisor, Sandy Rogers Ministries

Cheryl Toth Review

“I recommend this book for people who don’t have a lot of time to invest in their personal growth and who are looking for simple truths that will help. For a long time, I have made choices about my professional path because I thought I “had to” or I was “Supposed to” in order to be “successful.” Not only did these choices not create the happiness I was looking for, they also created a lot of anxiety, stress, and fear. This book helped me realize that these choices were based on some old beliefs. The author calls them “belief choices.” These are choices we make over and over because the result of them is predictable and comfortable. For me, these choices were toxic, but I kept making them because they were familiar. What I realized after reading “Freedom. Choice. Power.” is that it is time for me to let this old beliefs and old stories about myself go. It seems so simple – but it is a giant step for me.”

Cheryl Toth

Business Writer & Communications Coach, Cheryl Toth

Melody Cook-Blount Review

“I must say I have learned so much about myself as a parent reading “Freedom. Choice. Power.” The very first paragraph “In the Beginning” touched me tremendously because I am guilty as charged with my own children.  Also, checking on our state of Freedom by simply asking, “do I have a choice?” I want my daughters to be pioneers and leaders that can lead to change but that goes back to the very first paragraph.”

Melody Cook-Blount

Proud Parent

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