Self-Interest Is Our Great Limitation

Self-Interest Is Our Great Limitation

Krishnamurti wrote “How can our limited brain grasp the unlimited? It cannot, because it is limited.”

He asks if we can recognize the fact – “the fact, not the idea” – that our brains are limited by knowledge, by specialties, by particular disciplines, by belonging to a group, a nationality, etc.

Can you recognize this fact? Can you see that this is all simply self-interest, hidden by titles, traditions, and various rituals?

Can you see that when you are concerned with your own happiness, your own fulfillment, your own success, this very self-interest limits the scope of your experience, the way you see your world, the possibilities available to you?

Our brain has been conditioned. It thinks “I believe,” “I don’t believe,” “I agree,” “I don't agree,” “this is true,” “that is not true,” “this is good,” “that is bad,” “ this is right,” “that is wrong.” All this thinking is self-interest, no matter if the thinking is used by religions, or politicians, or persons seeking power and money, or education professionals and scholars with all their scholastic knowledge, or gurus and wise women and men talking about goodness and peace.

You may take time to “explore and find out,” which is another thinking process that becomes a bondage, or you may be still and see it instantly and fully – as it is – free of your opinions and ideas (your thinking) about it.

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