Self reflection is a key to making change in our world that promotes our best selves, and fulfills our common interests.


It is not true that each one of us is powerless to change our world. Our lives are deeply integrated and interrelated in fact. Each one of us has the divine power to reflect, embrace loving thoughts, and put forth our best selves every day. Each one of us has an opportunity to reflect and see our role in shaping the world by owning what we do right where we are.

This year begins amidst a sea of change. And fear, a close companion of change, is all around. Many of the changes happening do not favorably affect a majority among us, and this provokes action aligned with their self-interest. A minority who do benefit are deeply entrenched and spirited about promoting their self-interest, on the other hand.

Here are some reflections for 2018:

  • Be aware that integrity is simply expressing what you are experiencing in words and actions.
  • Understand that the pursuit of self interests causes separation and suffering.
  • Know that seeking to serve promotes unity and creates a space for peaceful interaction.
  • Take care to define giving not as from some of what you have left, but as from some of what you have first.

Be aware of these truths. They are not good, bad, right, or wrong. Being aware helps you to choose what you do. Collectively, “we” make our world, and each one of us plays a role with the choices we make. Happy new year!


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