What we think defines what feel is possible, what choices we feel we have, and ultimately what we do.

In any situation, if you take care what you think and clear your thoughts you open up and are able to see new possibilities, make new choices, and completely transform your circumstances. It takes practice to clear away your old thinking habits and see things objectively. The tale of the two fish illustrates the challenge of looking at things objectively.

Two fish are swimming along. One fish says to the other, “How do you like the water today?” The other fish says, “Water? What’s water?”

You do not notice most of what you are thinking. You think most of our thoughts automatically, without any focused realization or consideration. Many of your thoughts are like the air we breathe. You breathe all the time, constantly. But you rarely if ever think about the air you breathe. Just like fish living and swimming in water all the time and never thinking about or ever realizing there is water.

Notice the air you breathe. Clear your thinking, realize your personal freedom, and transform your life.

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