Friendship is an important part of our lives. We need friends to live healthy lives. What is friendship? I challenge you to look deeply into this question.

For most of of us, friendship is a word we learned growing up. The meaning of the word was given to us by our parents, at school, at church and by the experiences we had with other people. This means we did not choose what friendship means to us for ourselves.

A people focused definition of friendship is “a state of mutual trust and support between persons.”

While the words “trust” and “support” are simple words, they hold deep and rich value and meaning.

What does it mean?

Lookup the word “Friendship” in the Dictionary. The word is a noun, and the following three definitions appear:

  1. The emotions or conduct of friends.
  2. A relationship between friends.
  3. A state of mutual trust and support between allied nations.

The third dictionary definition fits our people focused definition the most closely. Notice that the third dictionary definition is focused on relations “between allied nations” – not people. Also notice that the first two dictionary definitions deal with emotions, conduct, and the relationship between friends. The first dictionary definition focuses on the “emotions or conduct of friends.” Put another way, it focuses on what friends feel and how they act. The second dictionary definition focuses on the “relationship between friends.” Notice that none of the dictionary definitions deal with the nature of the emotions, conduct or relationship between friends. Do you feel the nature or the kind of relationship is important in a friendship?

Friendship is a big part of our lives. You can benefit greatly by investing some time and focus to define friendship for yourself based upon the values you feel are important.

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