Notice what you take personally. Practice being aware when you take something someone says or does personally. When you notice that you are taking something personally you can focus on it. We take away some of our personal freedom and suffer when we feel hurt or offended by what others say and do towards us.

Remember that nothing anyone says, thinks, feels, or does is about you. It can’t be because they don’t know you. Nobody else can know what you think or feel. We are simply not able to see into one another that way. We can only know ourselves. Think about it. Do you truly know what anyone else is feeling or thinking? Can you possibly truly know what anyone else feels or thinks? Or, do you have your ideas about what they feel and think? If we are truthful we realize that we cannot ever know what another is feeling. So don’t take personally what others say or do.

Often even what we feel and think about ourselves is not true or real. And that means nothing we say can possibly be a true expression of what another feels or thinks. What we say is only true about what we feel and think.

Taking things personally can cause us to question and feel badly about ourselves. It takes away our freedom to feel love and joy. Instead we become trapped in painful feelings of self doubt. We can choose whether or not to believe the thoughts, the voices, in our mind. When we practice not taking things personally we are free to feel more joy, and to see others as they are instead of how we think of them.

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