What you call God is not separate from you. And you are not separate from God.

The idea, the thought, the thinking that says God is something separate from yourself is a powerful perspective that completely disconnects you from feeling, seeing, and receiving the divine power that is all things.This fundamental idea of separation makes it possible for you to seek the divine connection that already and always “is”.

Ask: Does ocean water in a cup stop being ocean water? Answer: No. That water is cut-off from the oceans power though while it is in the glass. The water can be freed and reconnected by pouring it back into the ocean.

That is what our thinking, our beliefs do. They cut us off from the divine power that moves all things. Our thoughts limit our reality to what we can conceive. Remember thinking is always based upon what we already know. So originality is only found by embracing the unknown, the unfamiliar. And your divine power is only ever present when you are free to receive it.

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