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Life’s Keyword Is...

Life’s Keyword Is...

Our life keyword is “Or.”

This or that. Up or down. Left or right. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Win or lose. In western culture we embrace the idea that everything must be decided by comparing one thing against another, and that we must choose a side. Therefore we think about and describe everything in some form using the comparative choice word “or.” And we assign positive value to the things, events, and outcomes that align with our choices.

But, if you look at this more deeply, more clearly, and free of your thoughts, thinking, and reasoning – it is obvious that life’s keyword is “And.”

Life has both this and that. Left and right. Good and bad. Right and wrong. Winning and losing.

By judging things and choosing sides we create a state of conflict in our own mind. You choose this and think “I could have had that” or “I don’t want that.” You think something is “good.” And you think something else is “bad.”

There is another way of thinking. Another syntax for living. In this other way of thinking, life is a constant stream of energy channels, and each energy channel has its own frequency. And we can tune into any channel at any time.

Here’s an example. You hear about a person killing another person and think what they did was “bad.” Later, you learn that person was defending their child from an attacker intent on harming them. After learning this you change your mind and think what they did was “good.”

The point is that something we think is bad in one set of circumstances or conditions, is good in another set of circumstances or conditions. So, something can be both “good” and “bad” depending on what we think of it.

Another way of looking at this is... things can be both “good” and “bad.”

Life’s keyword is “And.”