What Is Integrity?

What Is Integrity?

Integrity is a word that gets used a lot. It is often used as a synonym for honesty. But have you ever thought deeply about it and asked: what is integrity?

The dictionary definition of integrity reads “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” And going a bit deeper, the definition of honest reads “free of deceit and untruthfulness.”

Okay, but what is integrity? Meaning what is it really and actually? What does it do? And how does it work in our lives when we use it, or when we don’t use it? The answers to these questions can give us a better understanding, and help us make more informed choices about using integrity in our lives.


Before we consider answers to these questions about integrity I want to reveal some assumptions made about the reader:

  • The reader does not act with integrity all of the time.
  • The reader values integrity generally, seeks to use integrity for themselves, and values integrity in others.

A New Definition

Here is the definition of integrity I will use for this meditation:

Integrity is the sharing or hiding of ones true intention.

Let’s call the energy activated by the sharing of ones true intention “Positive Integrity.” And, let’s call the energy activated by the hiding of ones true intention “Negative Integrity.”

“Our intention creates our reality.” - Wayne Dyer

What Is Integrity

Integrity is an English language word used to describe the divine force that is activated when we hide or share our intentions. That’s it. That’s what integrity is.

How Integrity Works

Integrity operates the same whether we use Negative Integrity or Positive Integrity. Here’s how it works.

We activate the forces of “Negative Integrity” when we hide our intention and act to promote our self interest. In plain English, we use Negative Integrity when we say things, that may not be entirely true, to help us get what we want. We are using Negative Integrity whenever we do this, even when what we want is for someone to feel better, or not get hurt.

We activate the forces of “Positive Integrity” when we share our intention openly. Sharing our intention openly makes us vulnerable to any Negative Integrity actions by others.

When you share your intentions, you tell a story you hope will hide your intention, or communicate what your intention is. The story you tell is used by whoever hears it to choose the feelings they will have, and actions they will take in response to that story. In this way integrity is a powerful force that shapes our own experience with others, and the experience others have with us.

No Judgement

It is important to know that there is no judgement here. It is not good, bad, right, or wrong to use Negative Integrity or Positive Integrity. The point is to be aware of what happens when you use either one of them.

I hope this meditation will help you to look more deeply into how you use the power of integrity.